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The Importance Of Trading Plan

Having a trading plan is very important especially if you want to profit from trading business.

Here are the reasons why you need to have a trading plan:

1. Having a trading plan keeps traders in the right direction.

Uniformity is important in having your own routine in trading, this let traders to really measure the success of their trading business.

If the trader has a very nice trading system but then they always break their own rules, the trading system can get them to nowhere fast.

Making a trading system is really helpful but only as long as traders will stick with it.

2. Trading should be considered as business and remember that businesses that are successful always have a plan.

A plan keeps a good business going. A plan gives businesses goals to achieve and a direction on where they want to go and plans exactly what they want to accomplish.

Plans set goals for businessmen, and these plans make them want to continue and make it better.

After understanding that having a trading plan is important now it's time to make your trading plan. Then, what should be in your own trading plan that can make your trading business successful?

1. A trading system

A trading system is important to have and to be included in your trading plan as well. Your system should be well tested enough and you should have at least tried it on a demo account to see its performance.

In your trading system the following should be included: the time frame that you use, your own criteria for your entry points and exit points and the risk you have during these trading hours. You should also include the currency pair that you use in trade as well as the amount of wins and losses you have.

2. Trading Routine

This is another important part of your plan, since this will identify three important factors in trading: first is the analysis you did in the market and the plan that you make for trades, second is the actual look out you did at the market when trading and third is the evaluation from your actions during your trades.

3. Mindset

This is one of the difficult things to set your self into in trading. As a trader you must separate your emotions from your decisions.

The following are tests that you can make for yourself to separate your emotions from your trading character:

> See what the charts are showing and not how you want to see it.

> No matter how biased you are you should make sure that you trade with your eyes on how you see things and not with your emotions.

> Do not get "revenge" on the market if you lose your money. It will not do you any good.

> If you lose on a trade don't be hard on yourself. Instead learn from your past mistakes.

4. Know your weaknesses

Everybody has their own weaknesses and it is important to know yours as well. People often do not want to talk about their weaknesses but it is important that you recognize them and do something about them.

5. Your Goals

If your goal is to earn a lot of money, this is not a good goal at all. Think about what you really want and what you really want to happen with your trading career. Envision yourself with what you really want and learn to achieve your goal.

6. Have a trading Journal

Keep a trading journal and record all your transactions whether they have a positive outcome or a negative one.

Having a journal will make you evaluate your trading transactions. You will get something from all your losses and you can keep up the ones you benefited from.


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